Paragon Gymnastics is happy to offer a competitive program designed to promote participation while emphasizing long-term gymnastics development.’

We strive to recognize differences in an athlete’s acquisition and mastery of gymnastics skills and progress.

We offer training that the individual athlete can take and use in numerous competitive programs, such as USA Gymnastics (USAG), the National Gymnastics Association (NGA), and the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU).

We typically train athletes with their peers in age groupings and similar skill groups.  We do this to increase the social interaction and progressive achievement inside the sport.

The execution of our program is based on a combination of consumer needs and follows a traditional gymnastics developmental path.

A little bit more about our team….
Paragon National Training Center is one of the few Clubs in Maryland which successfully competes nationally in men’s gymnastics. Our Boys Team has over 40 national qualifiers in the last four seasons and is acknowledged as one of the strongest teams in Maryland.  We also try to graduate athletes into either NCAA Gymnastics Programs, or NAIGC College Club Teams.  Most recently:

2013 Seniors – Joe Gruber | West Virgina, Sam Massa | University of Maryland Gymkana

2015 Seniors – Vijay Dev | University of Maryland Gymkana

2017 Seniors – Mark Barnhouse, Brett Bowling | Springfield University College

2018 Seniors – Dhiren Lutchman | US Naval Academy, Sahil Dev | University of Maryland Gymkana

2019 Seniors – Donovan Hewitt | Ohio State University, Gabe Mignardi | University of Maryland

2020 Seniors – Ian Dinmore, Matthew Rosendahl | US Naval Academy, Aleksandr Kuzmenchuk | William & Mary



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Located in Columbia, Paragon National Training Center is dedicated to providing programs for  Recreational Gymnastics, Tumbling and Trampoline for Cheerleaders, Adult and Child Toddler Classes, Preschool Classes.

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