The National Track is a level-based competitive program designed to promote participation while emphasizing long-term gymnastics development.  This track recognizes differences in an athlete;s acquisition and mastery of gymnastics skills and progress.  The National Track utilizes divisions, minimum ages or age groups, and a compulsory / optional pathway to increase the opportunities for recognition, social interaction and progressive achievement in the sport.  The structure, rules, and execution of the program should be based on a combination of consumer needs and follows the traditional gymnastics developmental path.

A. Essential Elements Program

The Essential Elements program focuses on both athletes and coaches becoming more proficient with their ability to move freely through a number of foundational areas of boys’ gymnastics. In other words, this curriculum provides the opportunity for any coach to learn how to set up a program, apply it to a team structure and become well versed in teaching boys gymnastics. This can be an invaluable resource for clubs who are always searching for boys coaches or simply would like to start a program but do not have a boys coach. Here is how the program works – each coach can set up their own lesson plan by choosing 4-8 stations known as ‘boxes’ that coordinate with the 14 or more key “Essential Elements” for that level (Levels 1 & 2). Week after week, they can select different boxes to introduce new drills, progressions and challenges. The boxes can be used for individual stations or included in a circuit or obstacle course. The students’ progress may be tracked daily or they may perform skills every 6,8 or 10 weeks depending on which time frame best fits with the club program. Students may also keep a record of their own achievements in all of these areas as an ongoing system of peer recognition. The program curriculum is arranged in a ‘plug and play’ format so that class instructors can combine any of the parts freely and keep each class different and interesting from one day to the next. An effort is made to allow the boys to have as much play time with each box as possible and to combine them in a way that is fun to do.

B. Compulsory Track
The Compulsory track is comprised of levels 3,4,5 & 6,

  • In levels 3-6, competition is offered in in two Divisions (1&2).
  • Division I provides basic compulsory routines and includes in the routines the opportunity for the talented gymnast to challenge his development and mastery at each level with additional developmental skills (Specified Bonus) that are rewarded with bonus.
  • Division II provides basic compulsory routines that are constructed to encourage participation, promote growth, and provide opportunity for the recreational gymnast to be successful and continue to progress. The basic routines are designed so that they are achievable for the average recreational participant.
  • The first three levels, 3 through 5, provide basic routines for all boys who desire to participate in competitive gymnastics. These exercises start with simple basic skills experienced in the Essential Elements Program and progress developmentally with each competitive level.
  • The compulsory Level 6 is designed to encourage and prepare the gymnast for the transition from compulsory to optional routines at an appropriate age by providing skill direction and combinations which can be used as the basis for entry level optional routines. These routines help the gymnast to understand how to construct an optional routine that will fulfill the requirements of the National Track optional program.
  • The optional levels, 7, 8, 9 require the gymnast to fulfill many Jr. FIG requirements or the National Track modifications for those requirements approved for the program.  Level 10 requires the athlete to fulfill most of the Jr. FIG requirements.

C. Junior National Team Program 
The Junior National Team Program provides for the identification and selection of our elite junior athletes. The program includes the Junior Development Team selected through the Future Stars Program, the Junior National Team for Level 8 & 9, and the Junior Elite Team for Level 10. An athlete must be a U.S. citizen (must meet citizenship requirements as defined by the FIG) to be selected to the Junior National Team. The program objectives are to:

  • Define the competitive path for our elite junior athletes and elevate the importance of successful competition at the highest level of quality.
  • Create an educational evaluation system that emphasizes international competitiveness.
  • Involve the personal coaches in overall program planning and organization as well as individualized athlete planning and.
  • Educate the coaching community in the basic principles of coaching and the development of the elite athlete.

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