Welcome To Paragon Gymnastics

Welcome to Paragon Gymnastics!

Our Mission:

To foster the development of healthy and happy children through gymnastics movement education.

Our Programs:

  • Mobile Gymnastics (for both Day-Cares & Local Area Pre-Schools)
  • Mobile Field Trips
  • Pre-School Classes (Co-Ed)
  • Boys xCel Classes
  • Girls xCel Classes (coming soon)
  • Boys Competitive Gymnastics (USA Gymnastics)
  • Field Trips
  • Holiday Drop In Sessions
  • Private Lessons
  • Zoom Training
  • Zoom Private Lessons

Our Owner:

Paragon National Training Center, dba “Paragon Gymnastics” is owned by Kevin Preston.

Kevin got his start first as a local gymnast in Montgomery County, competing for the USAG as a Junior Olympic athlete.  He then attended the University of Maryland (College Park), and continued to compete in Sports Acrobatics and Tumbling for the USSAF.   He holds a degree in Dance and also studied Physical Education while at Maryland.  He opened his first successful gym in Montgomery County before selling his share and moving to Howard County.  In June of 2011, Kevin started Paragon National Training Center, at first solely to train boys for men’s gymnastics.

In addition to teaching recreational classes and the competitive boys team, Kevin is a member of USA Gymnastics’ Jr. National Coaching Staff, and serves on various committees dedicated to compulsory programming for boys across the country.  He is also an accredited Men’s Judge for METRO Judging.  He has speaking/lecture engagements around the Region, and a passion for men’s gymnastics.

Our Gymnastics Team
Paragon National Training Center is one of the few USAG clubs in Maryland which successfully competes nationally in men’s gymnastics. Our Boys Team, led by coaches Kevin Preston, Joseph Gruber, and Hillary Kunda, has over 40 national JO qualifiers in the last four seasons and is acknowledged as one of the strongest teams in Maryland as well as the Region.  We also try to graduate athletes into either NCAA Gymnastics Programs, or NAIGC College Club Teams.  Most recently:

2013 Seniors – Joe Gruber | West Virgina, Sam Massa | University of Maryland Gymkana

2015 Seniors – Vijay Dev | University of Maryland Gymkana

2017 Seniors – Mark Barnhouse, Brett Bowling | Springfield University College

2018 Seniors – Dhiren Lutchman | US Naval Academy, Sahil Dev | University of Maryland Gymkana

2019 Seniors – Donovan Hewitt | Ohio State University, Gabe Mignardi | University of Maryland

2020 Seniors – Ian Dinmore, Matthew Rosendahl | US Naval Academy, Aleksandr Kuzmenchuk | William & Mary

Our Mobile Program

Our mobile program is one of a kind in Maryland.  We are on a mission to keep kids healthy and happy through gymnastics movement education.  We travel to local area Daycares/Pre-Schools and BRING THE GYMNASTICS TO THE SCHOOL.  We bring all the equipment and enthusiasm to get kids up and moving as young as possible.

In the 2019-2020 season, we have serviced the following programs:


  •  Bet Yeladim Pre-School
  • Temple Isiah Pre-school
  • Glenelg United Methodist Church Pre-School (GUMC)
  • Northcrest Montessori


  • Miss Miram’s Daycare (Columbia)
  • Buds and Blossoms (Columbia)


Please Visit Us

We would be happy to see if we can be of service to you, your child, or your school.  Please feel free to contact us at:

Paragon Gymnastics
7190 Oakland Mills Rd, Suite 4
Columbia MD 21046
Ph: (410) 309-8000

Email: info@gymparagon.com 
Web Site: www.gymparagon.com

Have a question for us?

Located in Columbia, Paragon National Training Center is dedicated to providing programs for  Recreational Gymnastics, Tumbling and Trampoline for Cheerleaders, Adult and Child Toddler Classes, Preschool Classes.