Rates & Policies

CLASS RATES 2023-2024

  • 30 min class – $170 / per session
  • 45 min & 1 Hour class -- $190 / session
  • 1 Hour, 15 min class – $210 / session
  • 1 Hour, 30 min class – $230 / session
  • 2 Hour Class – $240 / session

POLICIES 2023 – 2024


All students in both classes (and trial classes) must have a current Membership. Membership/Registration/Insurance Fee is $45 per student, and is non-refundable.

Class Policies:

Once registered for a class, that student has a guaranteed spot in that day/class time for the school year, until they either fail to pay for the next session, or drop the class.  (Registrations automatically renew from Session to Session.)

The number of classes per session will RANGE from 7-9, AVERAGING 8 classes per session.

We reserve the right to change the schedule and/or cancel classes with less than 3 enrolled students.

Class schedule and sizes are subject to change.

Classes meet 1x per week.

POLICIES 2023 – 2024


All Class Tuition is due by the 25th of the last month before the Session begins.  Students enrolled in Auto-Pay will have their tuition automatically run that day (or in the case of a Holiday or Sunday, it will be run the following Monday.)

Tuition rates DO NOT VARY based on the number of classes in a given session.

All registration(s) are done online, via our Parent Portal.  You can make payment in person at the gym as well, using MasterCard/Visa/Discover, a check made payable to “Paragon Gymnastics”, or CASH.  We do not accept American Express (AMEX).