Summer Camps & Summer Classes

Paragon Gymnastics will once again be offering both Full Day & Half Day Summer Camp(s)  for our recreational class students, and we will be adding Summer Classes on Tuesdays/Thursdays. 

Registration for Summer Camps open January 17th, 2024.

Summer Class Schedule is available inside the Parent Portal – Registrations are ONGOING.

Summer Camp General Inforamtion

We pack one week of awesome gymnastics, utilizing ALL the events during our regular school year: floor, mushroom, beam, uneven bars, horizontal bar, trampoline, tumble trampoline, etc.

General Schedule:


All students will be evaluated on Monday for skill placements.  Group names will be picked, and students will be exposed to all the apparatus to be used for the week.  Half day students will be ready for prompt pick-up at 12:00pm.  Full Day students can be picked up between 3:00 and 4:00pm.  

(All students MUST be signed in/signed out DAILY by their parents or guardians.)

(All students need to bring their HEALTH HISTORY form to camp, as well as their signed Waiver/Release of Liability Form — Don’t worry if you forget!!!  We will have extras on hand in the morning.)


Groups will be practice their skills, and start learning small skill combinations on their apparatus.  We also use gymnastics games and gymnastics arts and crafts for small break periods.


Our girls will get to try the BOYS events for the day, and the boys will get to try the GIRLS events on Wacky Wednesday!


Groups will practice on their skills, and start working individual directed skill(s).  We try our best to make sure everyone gets to try a skill they have been dreaming about working on!


Groups will practice “routines”, or small combinations on each of the apparatus they have been training.   Everyone will get to play in the FOAM PIT, and experience the TRAPEZE obstacle course before they end their Gymnastics filled week!


What to Bring:

— Snacks  (1/2 day and FULL Day) —

— EXTRA Snack if you are doing After Care from 4:00 to 5:00pm —

— Bag Lunch and Drink (FULL Day ONLY) —

— Comfortable Clothing (No Buckles, Zippers, or Snaps —

Full Day


1/2 Day


Session Dates

Summer 2024: